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Dear David Felis,

Thank you for choosing PROKMU hosting.

Your domain ( has been added to our system, and will be ready within the next 5 minutes. Please be patient while this process takes place.

Please take a moment to review the important information below.

If you have transferred this domain from another host, please be sure to contact your registrar and update the nameservers to those for PROKMU hosting as listed below:


Once your domain has been completed in our system, and your nameserver records have been updated with your domain registrar, you will be able to access your domain as shown below.

IMPORTANT! As soon as you update DNS it will take up to 48 hours, before your site will be fully available.

You were placed at ALVIER server,

Your IP address:

Domain Control Panel

The domain control panel can be accessed to view and update your E-mail, FTP, Passwords, Web Users, and other vital information.

To login to your Control Panel area, go to Login: webdeskt Password: vkFvJnFb45

FTP Details & Login

Below is the details you will need to login to your domain via FTP to begin uploading your files.

Server: (or before DNS updated) Login: webdeskt Password: vkFvJnFb45 Directory: public_html

Email Account Setup

In order to use a local mail client like Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, The Bat or any other, you may need to configure it before it can send and receive mails from the server:

Outgoing server: Incoming server: Login: [email protected] Password: password for [email protected] * First, you need to login to control panel and create a new account, before you can use it (Mail - Add/Remove Accounts - Add Account).

To send e-mail from our servers you need to setup SMTP Authentication. You will need to supply the same login and password that you use with your POP3 e-mail account for outgoing e-mail.

You can use the following URL to access your e-mail via the Web Mail interface:

SSH Details

We recommend to use PUTTY for SSH connection -

Server: (or before DNS updated) Login: webdeskt Password: vkFvJnFb45

To START Tomcat: sudo /home/webdeskt/tomcat/bin/tomcat_restart start To STOP Tomcat: sudo /home/webdeskt/tomcat/bin/tomcat_restart stop

Additional information

- MySQL database server:

To get a connection to MySQL from Tomcat, please do the following: 1. Login to control panel 2. Go to MySQL Databases - Access hosts 3. Add a % symbol


If you have any problems or questions, please write to support at

You can also check our help desk:

Thank you again and hope for further cooperation.

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