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# sysctl net.inet.ip.portrange.reservedhigh=79

We have modified scheme of tomcat start/stop, so that you could kill your java if it will hang again. Here are the details:

Now you don't need to use sudo for start/stop.

In order to start your tomcat please run next command:

%/home/ziuadecj/tomcat/bin/ start

In order to stop your tomcat please run next command:

%/home/ziuadecj/tomcat/bin/ stop

If you have Address already in use:80 error, find all java processes and kill them:

%ps auxww | grep java | grep ziuadecj|grep -v grep

<you will see something like>

ziuadecj 38581 0.0 1.9 263964 75880 p1 S 11:39AM 0:19.24 [java]

<now kill it/them>

%kill -9 38581

<and now start tomcat>

%/home/ziuadecj/tomcat/bin/ start

Please get back to us if you will have any other concerns.

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